A STRANGE JOURNEY OF ONE MAN’S TRUE ENCOUNTER OF MEETING & LAUGHING WITH GOD I would like to acknowledge God, Brahman and consciousness for my inspiration in writing this,if not for which life,as we know it, and both the seen and unseen universe would cease to exist ,and in fact it never would have had any independent existence outside of consciousness.Now,that’s a pretty tall order to place the existence of the Universe and all visible seen and unseen aspects on one omnipotent,omniscient universal creator God.Now whether or not he’s had help with His creation,sustaining/destroying the universe with the help of Brahma(creation),Vishnu(the sustainerAnd Shiva(the Destroyer) is well beyond the scope of this treatise and to be honest: I don’t know.I wasn’t there at the beginning (on the ego level anyway) but then I believe we ALL were,in the form of pure unfettered energy not yet caught up in Maya’s web of illusion and delusion.I really don’t know why Maya gets such a bad rap,it’s all part of the Divine plan and the Cosmic Laughter of the Creator.When you finally DO manage to break her snares you’ll see that those chains which seemed so heavy weren’t ever even there,never were, not at all,nada!That can be a very profound experience like waking from a dream and realizng that your entire life up to that point had been DREAM! I could trot out analogies like the caterpillar transforning into a beautiful butterfly,but I wont.For what it’s worth,I think this link will take you to a page that pretty well puts my mind to rest on the REAL signifificance of the Hindu Holly Trinty,it got to be a real metaphysical taffy pull for a while:Who’s the highest God,Krishna or Shiva? and many thrown into the ring to duke it out untill a clear and decisive winner could be named. In truth,once you awaken it’s ALL beautiful.The bufferfly and the caterpilliar represent polar extremes in it’s caterpillar/butterfly life But it is ALL part of the same process.I must point out that it was FMW that pointed out that the larva stage was exactly the surface life of your typical human being : Fornication,eating,sleeping etc.Totally unable to see beyond the 2 dimensional reality that currently binds as well as blinds it to it’s REAL nature. How could any spiritually evolving human being be satisfied with THAT,settling for a life exactly similar to the caterpillar’s existence when it’s Divine nature will be exposed,in time, showing him that he was BORN to fly! These ancient seers,sages didn’t do anything you can’t do,and some of the great ones like the CHRIST,the BUDDHA,Guru Nanak. Kabir,Rumi etc told us as much. Truth of the matter is that NO ONE on this planet is really sleeping,they just imagine they are! That’s what this whole game is all about: Self Realization=waking up,to your own true nature,SAT-CHIT-ANANDA.You will come to know that your real Divine nature was always what you WERE,what you ARE and what you will always BE but not if you just continue to sleep through it! I will admit that during my catholic school going days I used to lay on my back when I was going to sleep and just tried to imagine God’s creation.My conclsion seemed to be:Well who created God?Everything had to have a beginning and ended up stuck with:Who created God? I’m sure the importance of my being raised catholic will become clearer a little further along.For the recrord I stopped going to sunday mass when i was@15.I guess you could say I was an Atheist at that point.AllI can remember from my school days is a lot of fear mongering and tales of hell fire and brimstone.   Stanislav Grof in an excellent book “Human encouters with death” Noticed that all who that went through the type of experience that I did,each did it using religious archetypes,for instance:someone that been raised catholic would have a catholic experience.Someone raised a Buddhist would have a Buddhist experience,a Hindu would have a Hindu experience but the main thing,the unitive factor in this is that all the love and light they felt/experienxed was from the same source! With our egos stripped down and thrown to the curb as it were,the Divine light that radiates from everyone is free to shine and this light IS the real love that sustains the Universe..This state can also be called “Love without an object” Imagine a world where EVERYTHING put you into that place where love was/is? With ego,social identity and all else that was stopping you from finding YOU, out of the way, you can finally experience your SELF or GOD for the first time in your life.And do you want to know what the best part in all of this is? You have always KNOWN in your heart that this was your real nature,imagine that!